APRS iGate

Ein APRS Gateway mit APRX und dem Raspberry Pi

Yes , what can you just do with a Raspberry Pi? The answer is quite simple: If you are a HAM - a lot! :)

My second "Raspberry Pi " project is a APRS iGate and Digipeater which, in contrast to my first project (the EchoLink Gateway), is now running 24/7. It is intended to decode the data packets emitted by mobile APRS stations and to report them via the Internet to the APRS system.

The Raspberry Pi has received an aluminum housing for this project and was equipped with a USB -to-serial converter and a 8GB USB flash memory.

With the converter, the Symek TNC2S is connected to the Pi. I have outsourced the root directory of the Pi to the USB flash memory, so almost all write and read access is done to the flash memory instead of the SD card. I hope that it increases system stability and greater drive resilience - SD cards are indeed known to be not the most reliable storage media. ;)

As iGate software I use "APRX" in version 2.07 on the Raspberry Pi.

After the first tests were successful, I have reinstalled the iGate after we moved to my new QTH. The following extensive testing ended with a bitter disappointment: The reception successes at my location were quite low, despite an antenna height of almost 12 meters.

On Easter Sunday 2014, i was able to relocate the iGate for a test operation to another site. Now, since Easter Monday, it is located in Sprakensehl near to the "Bundesstrasse 4" (comparable to a "highway") and completes the first trial runs. The technique was safe and well packed in a server chassis. I am using a Baofeng 2-way radio "UV-5R+" as receiver.