All about DK9CA

Personal facts


Name: Martin Schwendowius

Born: 1977

Licensed: 2001


I prefer "classic" paper QSL. I am collecting all kind of QSL Cards from all over the World. I like this "old-fashioned stuff" and i send and answer all cards 100% via the german bureau or direct.

  • Bureau Cards: Answered monthly via bureau.
  • Direct QSL cards: Please do NOT send me IRC or green Stamps! Save your Money, just your card please.
  • I send eQSL and LotW automatically for every contact (Logbook upload).
  • SWL Reports are welcome and are answered 100%. Paper QSL requests via eMail are accepted too - just send me your SWL-Call, the QSO Data and your address.

I am a member of this Organisations:


Deutscher Amateur Radio Club e.V.

With round about 45.000 members, the "DARC" is the leading Amateur Radio Organisation in Germany. I am member of the DOK H05 in Celle


Interessengemeinschaft "Funkamateure in Hilfsorganisationen" - FiH 460 KS

The "IG FIH" is a connection of Radio Amateurs who are volunteers or in business within the "Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben", shortened: "BOS". For example, the BOS are: The fire department, police and federal police, the technical emergency service (THW), German Red Cross (DRK), Johanniter Unfallhilfe (JUH) or the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB).


Feld Hell Club - FH 3367

The Feld Hell Club is dedicated to Hellschreiber and its german inventor Rudolph Hell. it is a unique method of sending and receiving text using facsimile technology in which the characters are not decoded, but "painted" or printed on a screen. You can find more information at


European PSK Club - #30543

The European PSK Club, or EPC for short, is an informal club of amateur radio operators dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications on PSK modes. Its purpose is to promote activity and good operating practice on the PSK modes on all amateur bands.